What is Communications Management?

Requirements for communications with your audience will vary from one company to another; however, one factor remains static: The positive relationships between your company and key constituents will always remain a constant element to your success. Our primary objective is on uncovering, developing and maintaining these relationships.

J.F. Mills/Worldwide representing companies in a wide array of industry sectors, acts as a liaison, creating and developing customized relationships for our clients with trade, regional and national media organizations. We maintain long established relationships specifically designed for your business model.

How can a specialized hybrid firm provide the same functions as a Public relations firm?

We are not all things to all clients, rather, our focus is specifically on what we provide..a compliment of business development, marketing and communications support designed to tap directly into the bottom line. Unlike initiatives of a typical PR firm, we are strategically aligned with the client objectives and focus specifically on results through business communications.

J.F. Mills/Worldwide has developed business and communications infrastructure for a vast number of emerging-growth companies, providing critical positioning and messaging in preparation for potential mergers, acquisitions and Initial Public Offering. As we interact with our clients, we ensure they are in constant contact and acutely aware of our progress.

Why is it important for my company to be in front of media and analysts who follow our industry?

The key to a company’s reputation and credibility is predicated on the development and delivery of a consistent company message.

To ensure early traction, an ongoing effort to tell the clients story will drive the message, and ultimately the valuation. The company message must remain consistent whether proactively pitching a story to media outlets or simply responding to media queries. The key lies in cultivating this critical relationships.

How can J.F. Mills/Worldwide enhance my corporate message?

Versatility…and action.

As part of comprehensive business and communications management, we specialize in addressing specific issues by bringing the client together with relevant constituents. We achieve this by arranging introductions through conference briefings, media visits, analyst briefings, trade show participation, inclusion with industry-related panels and seminars, interview opportunities and speaking engagements. All are designed to show the company as an industry leader and authority.

What makes J.F. Mills/Worldwide a valuable addition to my business communications strategy?

We focus on results and work with our clients to meet their specific goals.

J.F. Mills/Worldwide provides counsel that has impact. We serve as an interactive agent to our clients business and communications goals, and measure success with a priority on proven results. This translates directly to productive lead-generation and increased sales.

We act as a broker between the client and influential business media such as The New York Times, Bloomberg Business Week,  AP, Dow Jones, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Fortune, Forbes, CNN, CNBC SKY News and many others, including consumer, regional and industry trade publications.